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Discover the versatility of our region through its many sights, the idyllic surroundings and the generous sports and wellness activities.

Culture & Attractions

Wartburg - City Hotel Eisenach, Thuringia

The "Wartburg" Castle

The "Wartburg" Castle, the landmark Eisenach, Martin Luther once served as a hideout.

Distance: 3,6 Km | More info »

Luther House Eisenach - City Hotel Eisenach

The "Lutherhaus"

The "Lutherhaus" is one of the oldest half-timbered houses Eisenach.

Distance: 0,8 Km | More Info »

Bachhaus Eisenach - City Hotel Eisenach

The "Bachhaus"

The "Bachhaus" in Eisenach is the world's first museum, which is dedicated to Johann Sebastian Bach was.

Distance: 0,9 Km | More info »

"Burschenschaftsdenkmal" -City Hotel Eisenach

The "Burschenschaftsdenkmal"

A relic from almost undamaged previous times.

Distance: 1,9 Km | More Info »

Adventure Mine Merkers - City Hotel Eisenach

Adventure Mine Merkers

Are you for a few hours to the miner!

Distance: 30 Km | More info »

City Palace and Thuringian Museum - City Hotel

The city palace and museum of Thuringia

The city is the castle since the beginning of 1742 gradually emerged.

Distance: 0,8 Km | More info »

Theater Eisenach - City Hotel Eisenach

The Thuringian theater

Enjoy high-quality theater experiences to over 500 comfortable seats in the stalls and the two ranks.

Distance: 0,8 Km | More info »

"Automobile World" Eisenach - City Hotel Eisenach

The "Automobile Welt" Eisenach

The museum shows the history of automotive manufacturing in Eisenach from the roots to the present.

Distance: 0,8 Km | More info »

Nature & Environment

The "Rennsteig"

The most famous hiking trail in the Thuringian Forest.

Distance: 65 Km | More info »

The "Drachenschlucht"

Three kilometers "Schluchtenweg" at the foot of the "Wartburg".


Distance: 4,0 Km | More info »

The "Inselsberg"

The most famous mountain in the Thuringian Forest - the "Inselsberg".

Distance: 36 Km | More info »

National park "Hainich"

Discover an unspoilt landscape with rare plants and wildlife, as well as the "Baumkronenpfad".

Distance: 31 Km | More info »

"mini-a-thür" in Ruhla

Surrounded by beautiful countryside you can experience more than 50 historic buildings in the small Thuringian format 1:25.

Distance: 14 Km | More info »

Sport & Wellness

The "Aquaplex" Eisenach

Wellness and swimming fun for all.

Distance: 2,6 Km | More info »

The airfield Eisenach/Kindel

How about a stunning shift in perspective?

Distance: 15 Km | More info »

The golfclub Eisenach

Just the thing for lovers of golf.

Distance: 8,6 Km | More info »

The "Keltenbad" Bad Salzungen

The relaxation for body, mind and soul with many excellent amenities.

Distance: 24 Km | More info »

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